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Re: SVO: Modern Performance


Thanks for the nice words...that one is going in the "save" file...

You know what's funny about all this stuff?  If we were doing all this
stuff in person, it would be called "bench racing"...and frankly, the
sessions we used to have at Stupid Shops (RIP) were much more
hostile...and nobody got their noses bent out of shape -- at least not too
much.  We'd B.S. for a couple of hours then go racing and beat all the
*other* guys.

Just try telling 5 hard-core Chevy guys that your 2.3 is a "better"
motor...watch what the reaction is.

IMNSHO -- this is kidstuff and a few people have pretty thin skin.  We're
all here to have fun above all...pretty much all the time I'm writing
stuff, I'm sitting here with a smile on my face...seriously, this stuff
*really* doesn't matter...I agree with Dave...pop a beer and have a sense
of humor about this stuff.

Oh yeah -- Bud:  Justin didn't mean anything personal when he was talking
about "5.0 dorks"...;-)

Joe Morgan