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Re: SVO: Is the Roller a true "bolt-in"

Man, I take the bait every time...

Comparing Ken's 86 SVO comp prep car and Chris' 87 XR....

> They both have timing belts,
> 8 valves, a headgasket, crank, pistons,
yup, yup, yup, yup

> etc...oh yeah...different exhaust systems, 
not really, both big enough with 3" downpipes.

> computers,
same computers and meters, 86 vintage SVO

> timing, 
yup, same, set up by the same guy, Ken Schultz.

SAME, same cam.

> (but then you knew that, right? *wink-wink*), transmissions, 

really, it's an 86 SVO tranny in Chris' car.

> axles,
3.61 vs. 3.73 one rigid, one floppy :)

> brakes...
one terriffic, one sucks.  Neither matters on a dyno.

> If anybody wants to compare notes with him ...913.789.9888...  I haven't
> quite gotten him to get online yet -- I keep telling him how fun it is,
> but...:(  

Will do. 108 is pretty high, I smell 2 power adders...

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