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Re: SVO: Modern Performance

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997 21:03:46 -0500 (EST) "Scott Shidel..."
<shidel@suntan.eng.usf.edu> writes:
>On Thu, 11 Dec 1997 rumoving@bellsouth.net wrote:
> Usually, the ones that don't even own a SVO..yet you're SVO
>> mailing list. 
>And?  Im here for 2.3 info.....as long as we dont bash the SVO or what
>people do with it(like you did), whats the big deal? And now that I 
>about it, dont YOU start about attitudes, Mr "Why Race a SVO? My godly 
>will whip all"
>And you mentioned the people compaling about price....You mite want to
>read the posts before you open yourmoth and comment.  Neither me or 
>complained about price, we actually supported him.  The individual 
>was complaining about price was a fellow SVO owner, hell its in his 

That would be me :)

Charcoal Grey '86 SVO which needs a paint job bad!
2 Chambered Flowmasters, 2 1/2" Mac Tail pipes(Is it me or does MAC SUCK)