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Re: SVO: Modern Performance

When I was a punk kid I used to not stop when I saw the blue and red lights
behind me.  Rather than a ticket, I would rather just pay for a little extra
gas that I would guzzle getting away.  Well, while I was in the process of
evasion, I took a corner a bit too fast and smacked my drivers front tire in
a curb and knocked it out of alighnment pretty bad.  That was the time I got
caught, and the last time I ever pulled a "runner" again.  Well.....maybe
not the last time.
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From: Dave Compton <DCompton@JNPCS.COM>
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Date: Thursday, December 11, 1997 10:01 PM
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> you get a sick feeling that the poor car is destoned for the junk yard in
about two years

Hey now!!!

I only slammed my 87 GT into other, much harder, objects three times!!
I think that's no so bad....I've only personally wrecked the Hot Rod
Lincoln once...

I killt that Honda DEAD....

And I havent yet wrecked the SVO.. It came that way.  hmmm, so did the nice

I got it, I'm the resuscitator!

Besides, at least *I* was the one to disassemble the Mustang, and ALL of it
is going to good use :))))

Resuscitator Dave
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