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Re: SVO: Some stuff in one big long message, that goes on and on, with a nonsense subject line the goes all the way over here.........

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, Dave Compton wrote:

Damn Dave.........Or should I call you Cornholio?:)

> Sheeeee-eeeeeet
> Scott, pop a tab on a beer, or pop 10 less tabs, one or the other...
I'm drinkin a 2 liter of generic mountian dew:)  Jus been a long ruff

> Re: 134 Drier!!! HA!! I'm cheaper than Sca-ott, I'm cheaper than Sca-ott.
> :)  Fords in the 80s had way oversized AC stuff.  From the factory, these
> things would test your frosticles!  They're capable with 134 where GM stuff
> isn't.
You mean condensor?  The dryer is that little canister that collects the
moisture and stuff from the system...Supposed to change that every time
the system is opened(Note: I recommended it, but didn't, so no I am still
cheaper:P)...but then again I had to replace the evaporator in the escort,
that was a good 100 dollar setback.....

> Scott finally got an XR, we finally hooked

Yeah, and I never worked on a car more in my life:/  Beggining to wonder
if I should have turbo'd the escort instead sometimes..atleast it had

> So, let's try not to kill each other in the meantime.  How about we hear
> from the guys on the list who HAVE 13 second SVOs? 


> I want to hear from EVERYBODY on this list, in the next week!  Say
> something, say anything, just help us break up the monotony of the Joe,
> Cory, SCOTT, Chris, Nick, and Dave club...
What are you tryin to say?  I have been fairly quiet on this stuff until a
few started on their personal b.s......we were playing nice...they started
it(pointing finger:)

> evening.  We WILL get more done, if we stick together, even if we don't
> agree on everything.  
> I hope we never do, I've never learned a damned thing from me.
I dont think us unruly pinto ppl are tryin to break up the group, but all
we want is the bottom line...GOOD OR BAD!  We arent trying to prove how
good it is, so were not goin for these assumtions that may favor(or not
favor) the test.... 
Being understanding and stuff goes both ways....


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