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Non SVO Question - 2.3 Turbo Question

               Sorry if y'all get this and don't want it. But I'm at my wits
ends with my '87 LX. I have a few questions I thought I'd pop by y'all before
I try replacing any other parts. BTW, it has a '88 stock TC motor. So far I've
replaced the fuel pump, and filter. This was BEFORE I actually had someone
crank the car with me watching it under the hood. Stupid, stupid. Could've
saved some time by doing this before.
                Any way, problem is when the car is started after a 24 hour
sit it starts up no problem. Shut it off and let it sit for a minute or two
and the car won't start. you can hear the starter spin like it's trying to
turn the engine over. The tach needle even swings a few thousand RPM when
doing this but the car won't start. When the engine decides to turn over it's
pretty random. The only thing I can tell you is that after a very long sit the
car with usually start up. Oh, none of the pulley's move when doing this too.
                Few questions. Could it be the ring gear or could it be the
selinoid? Is the selinoid integrated on the starter or is it a seperate piece?
Hoping it's the selinoid not kicking out the gear to turn the engine over.
This sounds like it'll be the easiest thing to replace. Thanks in advance for
any help you can provide and I'm _Very_Sorry_ if this all sounds uneducated.

-Corey- (Corey, not Cory ;D)
'87 LX Sporting a '88 Turbo 4 (Out of Commission)
'95 GTS (Currently undergoing body repairs)
'86 T-Bird ilan (On loan daily driver)