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SVO: bitch, bitch, bitch.....

As a new member to this list, and NO I DO NOT OWN AN SVO!!!!  Which one
person made a 'snide' remark as to those of us on the list who don't own
one.  There is one item to bring to mind, As I recall the SVOEC has one
word in it key to this hobby/sport that we enjoy(or at least try to)
ENTHUSIAST, AS WELL AS SOEC for the Saleen crowd.  Would you all rather I
parted out an SVO to make a turbo convertable??  I didn't think so....   It
seems to me that there quite a few here that need to find more creative
things to do with their time and money....  Not everbody has so much money
and time that they dont know what to with it all.   It's people that I am
referring to that make the sport/hobby that much less enjoyable for the
rest of us!   If you folks want to be like that, hang around with the
Beemer boys, etc. on the Car and Driver, and Road and Track chat rooms on
America Offline...  That'll give you a taste of some of the grief the rest
of us are getting tired of seeing.  You all sound like the brand X gang!!
COME ON ALL, TAKE A PILL AND START HAVING FUN!  I'm not on this earth to be
the fastest mustang/harley/lincoln/etc., but out there to have FUN!!

CCA, now there's fun!!!you know humor.....