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SVO: Advertised claims...

How many of us buy the usual bolt ons???  I see quite a few hands out
there.  Lets put a theoretical scenario here:i.e.
-K&N filter  (5HP)
-header(s)  (10hp)
-t'stat   (2hp)
-chip  (10HP)
-cam   (20HP) 
and yada, yada  now I know we all have done these types of things...
Theoretically you just installed a TOTAL of 47 horsepower, yeah right!  Say
you started with a 5.0 which had 225 (est) from the factory there is no way
you are going to get the total of all these parts added together onj top of
the factory set up!!  Mufflers worth 20 hp??  Yeah, I have a bridge I'll
throw into the box for a great deal too.....;)  I'm not saying I
beleive/dont beleive all these shouting matches over the past couple of
days, just chill out!  If t all the parts out there actually made the
claims we would all be driving 1000 HP, asphalt chewing, street monsters.
Remember I'm not saying i beleive/dont beleive....

Later, Eric ;)

Later, Eric:)