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Re: E&G Classics Leather Seats -- was Re: SVO Rear Wing Repair Procedure

In a message dated 97-12-11 20:41:31 EST, jdvorak@deltanet.com writes:

 If anyone is interested in an installation procedure for the leather seat
 upholstery, see the May 1997 issue of Mustang Monthly magazine -- it
 features leather upholstery installation by E&G Classics on a convertible,
 but the procedure is the same.
I have the Official 2nd kit that E&G made for the regular mustangs in my 88
LX(actually,They used my seats to make the patterns =) ) its gathered leather
and is the most complimented thing on my car. Its like lincoln style luxury in
a mustang and makes the stock seat look totally different than it did
originally. For those who own regular mustangs other than SVO's , I recommend
looking into this kit for replacement upholstery for your car, its available
in any color you want. Its the same price as the SVO upholstery and the
quality is excellent.

Paul (CCA Pres.)
86 SVO (red)
88 LX (Vortech supercharged w/ E&G leather kit)
84 GT conv.(also with E&G Leather kit-rear seat only so far)
79 GT conv.(429, auto being reassembled)
65 Fastback ( the never ending project)
87 LSC-R (still at the paint shop)
85 Turbo coupe (still under construction)
78 Ford Van (the parts hauler)

79 COUPE-Come on guys someone needs this car $75
85 Turbo coupe (not much left, almost finished parting) where do you want it
83 GT (Parting out)