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SVO: MM&FF Article

Was wondering if any of you good folks have read the December 1997 article in
Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords covering the final chapter of the Tiny Avenger
Series? I think the first part was printed back in September of 96 and covered
basic bolt on mods. This third part, however, got into more upper end stuff
(65mm TB w/ modified adapter plate, ported heads,TC intercooler, SVO cam,
turbonetics turbo, RC injectors, ATR header) and dyno'd the thing to over
300hp consistnetly. I'm new to the list and this topic may have been covered
all ready, but it seems to me that everyone here is as hungry to put up
quality hp numbers as the 5.0 crowd was 10 years when it's aftemarket parts
supply was in infancy. The cost of these go fast goodies surely exceed the 1k
region but having the option of doing so is apealing in that if our motivation
to beat Z28's built ten years later is worth that to us- we can.

Whomever suggested visiting the dealer to find out build date Thanks- they
have some system called oasis that checks your VIN for recall data and gives
you build date, in use date among others. Found my 85.5 was legitimate built
07-17-85 not in use till 10-05-85.

Thanks for the knowledge!