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Re: SVO: weight times mass = dyno?

Scott Shidel... wrote:
> On Fri, 12 Dec 1997, CTaylor930 wrote:

> > If I knew what my car wieghed and I had a cool accelerometer I could figure
> > out torque then horse power right!?

> Force=mass*acceleration
> If you know the acceleration and mass of your car, I guess you could find
> the force exerted by the drivetrain, but off the top of my exhausted head
> I cant think of how to get a hp figure that is not affected by gearing...

Sorry I can't just pull the stuff out of my butt, but it goes something
like...once you get force from m*a, you can get hp using force and
velocity...and you get velocity by integrating acceleration over the
time since you started moving.  At any rate, G-tech or somebody
now has a little box that'll do it for you for not much over $100, or
so I've heard.