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Re: SVO: Modern Performance

JPC wrote:
> >Oh yeah -- Bud:  Justin didn't mean anything personal when he was talking
> >about "5.0 dorks"...;-)

>The kind of person you see around town
> that drives one like a idiot and you get a sick feeling that the poor >car is destoned for the junk yard in about two years (at best).

Actually, I look at them with a smile. A good friend of mine owns a
Mustang Salvage shop. He's always looking for some perspective buys.

That and I'm not a '5.0 only' guy. I've owned 8 vintage Mustangs
(currently 1) and 3 SVOs (currently 2). I just like Mustangs...don't
care what the powerplant is...as long as it's not a 350ci in it.:)