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RE: SVO: "Turbo Creap" , Help

Thanks Carl,
	My understanding is that it is not all that easy to install an external
wastegate on the stock manifold. Anybody?
84 SVO, Silver

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>There is such a thing as boost creep.  If the wastegate hole isn't big
>enough for the amount of air you're pumping through the motor, even when
>the wastegate in fully open the boost will continue to increase past the
>point that you've set your wastegate for until you let off the throttle.
>There is no way for me to know whether you will actually experience this
>problem or not.  You can either believe the guy and put on the external
>wastegate (it should be much bigger than the internal one), or you can
>try it without, and just watch your boost closely when you're at full
>throttle and high RPM.  If it starts to rise above the boost you've set
>it for, then you know that's the limit of your internal wastegate.