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Turbo Creap

I was talking to the guy (Oleg?) from Turbonetics yesterday trying to
order me up a new larger turbo, this is the third or fourth time I have
been through different combonations with them. I told the them that I
wanted a 
T3/T4 , 57-Trim,.63 exhaust, stage III turbine, ceramic bearings. This
compinations is supposed to spool up quickly and be able to produce
(?)(handle?) upto and over 400HP. Now the guy tells me that I will need
to buy and external waste gate or I will experience "TURBO CREAP",
pressurizing the exhaust manifold. This is supposed to be a bad thing.
Turbonetics said that with the T04 housing the air flow would be to
great. Has anybody heard of this before I have never seen it mentioned
that I can remember. 
This would mean that I would have to make a whole lot of changes and
addtions to the exhaust manifold just to install a larger turbo, or buy
the ATR header and their external wastegate.
Does anyone know if Joe Morgan has this problem on his car, or maybe for
a 1/4 mile application it doesn't make any difference, or I am being fed
a load of crap.