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Modification Formulas -- was BillRoy Re: SVO: Modern Performance

At 08:55 PM 12/11/97 -0800, JPC wrote:
>I think a lot of you would never say another word if you would kindly take a
>trip to the strip to watch Joe do a few runs in his Pinto.  The car amazes
>people every time he shows up.  I went and met him in Carlsbad a few months
>ago.  Some people in the stands were laughing (5.0 dorks) and were
>commenting on how the "true muscle car" next to him was going to eat him for
>breakfast.  When he did his burn out to warm up his tires they were even
>laughing out loud because of the unimpressive decibal level it produced
>during the burn.  They did not, however, say one motherf!@#ing thing when he
>blew the doors off his competition and pulled off his first high 10.  Joe
>knows what he is talking about.  I SAW it in action.  Perhaps I should video
>tape it and mail it out to all the non believers.  The other thing that I
>can't understand is that if someone has an opinion or wants to debate, just
>take it with a grain of salt.  You can do what you want and spend your $ on
>whatever suits your needs.  The beauty of this list is that after we come
>back from the track, we can share notes and perhaps save some money by
>avioding those "miracle" parts that drain your pocketbook.  I don't have
>much to contribute yet since my SVO is in a million pieces in my garage
>being restored, but I don't like it when people can't debate freely.  Keep
>it coming guys,  I want to know what works and even though I'm just a roamer
>at the moment I will give my $.02 when the time comes.


I know what you're saying....and I'll say this too to remind everyone who
is nitpicking minutia until our deaths (instead of pointing out possible
discrepancies respectfully and just dealing with it).

The problem with modifying a car is that there always seem to be different
formulas that work well together .... those of us in Southern California
who have seen Joe's Pinto run (or XR4Ti-powered Ranger for that matter)
know Joe has an excellent formula. And we do keep in mind that part of the
reason he's getting the times that he does is that the engine IS in a Pinto
.... he's got a lot of work into that car with its rear disc brakes and C4
tranny (and his driving skills). He knows he couldn't do the same times in
an SVO that would still be an SVO (a corner carver) when he got done.

The wall that Joe has hit (as I see it) is at this point what other single
mod does he make that won't screw up his great formula and require him to
make numerous other mods. A similar problem we all have at some point.
There's several different ways to get x-amount of horsepower, and the wrong
add-on or two can prevent us from making more without numerous other changes. 

Example: if we take a stock SVO and add a header (or ported exhaust
manifold). We're not going to see drastic improvemments until we add a K&N
(or other air box mod), flow more air; do a downpipe, make changes to the
exhaust. And maybe THEN we will reap the total benefits of the header.
Maybe it's not a perfect example, but maybe you get the picture.

Unfortunately the only REAL way to test exact formulas (and that's what
some of you want) is to start with brand new blueprinted and balanced
engines and then all things will be created equal. Unfortunately it is not
a perfect world. In the meantime I think we should accept (to a point) and
take whatever dyno runs that ARE done and evaluate that information and
make whatever inferences that can be made until such time someone will
create a perfect world.

Jim Dvorak
'86 Shadow Blue -- 1 of 69 -- Slightly Modified
Mustang SVO...Because there's more to driving than just straight ahead!

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