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SVO: Dyno tests of Modern Performance's Roller Cam

I just got off the phone with Nick. Again, an enjoyable experience.

He has agreed to let me conduct the installation and dyno testing of his
Stage 1 cam.

It'll be Chris' car, it'll be under my eye, and it'll be fair.

I had to talk him into it, becaue he wanted to do it himself.  He always
wants to do it himself...
The guy works too hard, and I figured hey, he should have an easy first
Christmas with his son, instead of busting to get out dyno results to
satisfy a couple of bitchy non-customers.

Anyway, I really don't want to hear any more about ANY of it, until results
are posted.  Should be before the end of January.

So, the squeeky wheel gets the grease, but that won't change the fact that
lots of happy customers are ALREADY running around with this cam in their

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