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Re: SVO: weight times mass = dyno?

Dave Compton wrote:

> > Sorry I can't just pull the stuff out of my butt, but it goes something
> I hate to say this, but this thing is getting busy and people are leaving
> over the noise factor.
> If you don't know, don't waste bandwidth with a guess.

Sorry to waste this particular chunk-o-bandwidth too, but the POINT of
my answer was that you could solve the whole problems by buying a
commonly available piece of electronics for a relatively low price.

The guess was simply information to support WHY just buying the
electronics should be considered.  If he's bound and determined to
make his own, I don't see anything on Bowling's site that tells him
anything useful for what he asked regarding using an accelerometer.  
My advice would be if you want a ball-park number, go to the track, 
and then use your weight and mph in the function:

	HP = Weight * (mph/234)^3

Otherwise, get a G-tech.  If you really want to program your own, then
sorry I didn't just give you the complete and exact equation ;-).