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Re: Rare SVO For Sale

At 10:09 AM 12/12/97 -0600, rumoving@bellsouth.net wrote:
>Did any of you guys see this posted on the Corral last week? I was
>wondering a few months ago what happened to this SVO. If you don't know
>the car...it's white (only one made white in 84) and has MAC/TOOLS in
>red all over the side of it....at least it did when I saw it.
>Kinda "yikes!" on the price though.

Yes, "yikes!" on the price, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. 

It is probably THE only Comp Prep SVO ever built in 1984 (or at least one
of very very few -- possibly three that were built specifically for racing)
-- and as the ad states, it was white even though white wasn't offered in
1984 to the public. Rare? Yes. Worth $38,000? 

I'd love to see this car in the Mustang Museum when it gets built!

Jim Dvorak
'86 Shadow Blue -- 1 of 69 -- Slightly Modified
Mustang SVO...Because there's more to driving than just straight ahead!

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