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SVO: RE: Turbo Creap

It sounds like you installed the external waste gate, that is supposed
to eliminate
Turbo Creap. The problem is welding the 90 stanless steel elbow to the
cast iron
I have discovered that ATR sells a setup that will eliminate Turbo
Creap. It consists of:

3" downpipe :$ 295.00 (downpipe has a spot to install external
wastegate, remove internal and reroute)
ext. wastegate $279.00(+2 gaskets @6.95each).

So, for around $600.00 you can eliminate Turbo Creap.(this would be
trashing the wallet part)

84 SVO, Silver

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>Subject:	Re: Turbo Creap
>   I have an awesome Turbo from turbonetics.  It is a T04 with I think they
>call it an S trim compressor, and I think it has a .63 turbine houseing.
>   I dont know anything about "turbo creap" nor have I ever heard of it, but
>don't know everything.
>   On my car I have the a 86 ex manifold that is conected to a 90 degree
>then to the turbo, I have a turbonetics Delta 4 wastegate coming off the
>prior to the turbo ( the turbo now sits higher than the orignal one), the
>exaust is very custom.
>  it's kind of a Y design, a three inch piece comes up to the turbo with a
>shoot going to a flexable braided steal piece then to the wastegate.
>  my intercooler is a porshe 930 mounted behind the radiator (like spearco),
>then up to a gutted and rotated upper intake manifold.
>    It seems to me that this design is the ultimate HI PO kick butt boost way
>to do it, but also it trashes your wallet.
>good luck and I will try to get some pictures scanned of my set up.
>85.5 GT1 SVO