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Re: SVO: Is the Roller a true "bolt-in"

> All Dyno tests are done the same way. The measure real rear wheel hp and then
> they take that number and correct it. This is the standard that is used so you
> can dyno a car on 100 degree day on the left coast and then dyno a car on a 10
> degree day on the right coast. All of this is taken into account and the
> numbers hold true everytime and anywhere.  So if you dyno your car you should
> get two numbers, what it did at the wheels and the corrected hp. The corrected
> number is what you are looking for. Thanks again

Sorry Nick, but that's incorrect.

Some of the Dynojets (depending on the software) will add a standard
correction factor for BP, but they do not correct for ambient temperature,
nor do they know (or care) whether the car being run is turbocharged or

Maybe someone else will want to confirm this for me...don't think I'm
going out on a limb here...a drop in ambient temperature of say... 50-60
degrees...just *might* make a teensy-weensy bit of difference...

I could check with the Weather Channel to see what the average temperature
is for late December in Northern Virginia, but I'm almost positive that
it's quite a bit cooler than it is in the summer...

*raising his arms to get the crowd to say it one more time*

That's why you need to test it before.

*motioning to the crowd to take their seats*

*If* you want a fair and accurate test.

Joe Morgan