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SVO: It's time....

As you most of you know, I provide these listserver services for free. 
Bully for me.  But, it isn't free.
The going rate for hosting a foreign box at an ISP is $250 a month.  The
box was worth $4400, when we dropped it, the mail server software was $699.
 Other stuff was slightly under a grand.  And there's lots of costs I've

I didn't pay these prices, because of good horse-trading skills. And I'm
not asking for donations for the listserver part of it, either.  Just
understand that, if the listserver activity ever interferes with the
corporate end of what we're doing, the listserver will be sacrificed.  So,
think about that, the next time you post something that really didn't need
to be said.

The main purpose of this message, is to ask you, to support me, if you
*really* want, what you say you want.

I am going to take my SVO into the 13s and lower, if possible, in the next
8 months.  It has run a best of 14.95 @ 92 MPH.  Single small exhaust,
stock turbo, little injectors etc.  I have the following parts, to go on
the car.  The BIG Spearco intercooler, Mass Air conversion from Modern
Performance. Late model 86 SVO computer, adjustable FPR, 42 lb injectors,
bigger exhaust, etc.  I'm also gonna get a bigger turbo, and do the head. 
I paid for, or horse traded, for these parts.

I AM going to do this stuff, no matter what.  If I'm going to document and
get dyno numbers each step of the way, one part at a time, then that will
take some dyno time.  That's spelled m-o-n-e-y.  Dyno time on the East
Coast is $150 an hour.

So the choice is yours... Help me out with DYNO TIME DONATIONS, or just get
to see what the end result is, without being able to draw any conclusions
from it.

If you wanna provide support, (money) then mail it to the address on the
bottom of the TTT home page, and mark it in some way as a "DYNO TIME

The choice is yours.  You might suggest that I use the 1/4 mile.  Although
I will prove the package with 1/4 mile numbers towards the end, development
and testing are on the dyno, or in private with my G-Tech.  I'm not sure I
would disclose the results of these private sessions.  I need to think that

Vendors are not interested in supporting efforts like this.  There's no
class for what I'm doing, and I doubt that the car will get competitive,
against Twin Turbo Supras, and other newer stuff.

Besides, we PROVED last year that I can't drive a starting line tree.

I'm interested in what you think about this, even if you don't send money. 
But, let's try not to post a halfa dozen messages a day, each, about it to
the list.

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