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SVO: Re: Turbo Creap

Chris Roth wrote:
> Dennis wrote:
> >Now the guy tells me that I will need
> >to buy and external waste gate or I will experience "TURBO CREAP",
> >pressurizing the exhaust manifold.
> I am not sure about this,  is he telling your that your swing-arm wastegate
> is not fast/accurate enough to reduce exhaust manifold pressure. ?

No, it's that the hole that the swing-arm blocks isn't big enough to
let enough of the gasses bypass the turbine.  This makes the turbine
spin too fast and create too much boost.  An aftermarket wastegate
is much bigger and can allow way more exhaust to go around the turbine
than the stock one.  You have pushing a lot of horsepower worth of
exhaust through the stock wastegate before this becomes a factor.