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SVO: F = m*a


The answer is YES. If you know:

1) The mass of your car (essentially the same as weight but the units will
require you to convert)

2) Acceleration

you can figure horsepower (at the rear wheel).

Heres a little as to why.

F = m*a 

Newton's second law. In English it says that force is proportional to the
mass times acceleration. Rearranged a little this can be restated as

1) acceleration is proportional to force (Double F and you double a- a good
thing) and 

2) inversely proportional to mass (double the mass and you cut a in half- a
bad thing and why race cars are lite).

Anyway if you know acceleration you can find force form this relationship.


Work = Force * Distance

A couple of integrations required to find this from acceleration

then power is Work/time

Ten years ago I wrote a Quick Basic program that does just what you ask. It
reads a g-analyst file then reports force, work, velocity, displacement and
power. I used it of course in my 84 SVO. If you have a g-Analyst and QBAsic
I'd be glad to send you a copy.


Bill Wright 
561 965 1235