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SVO: Just rambling on

Just wanted to let Nick know if he donates me a cam id be happy to pay
for the before and after dyno tests.  Heh id even do the install  :)

And in response to Dave Comptons  - "give ya a week to post"

'85 SVO (before):
    3" Exhaust from downpipe to tailpipe
    K&N Cone
    Matched '86 intake & mild porting
    42 lb injectors
    Motorsport Roller Cam
    Esslinger underdrive pulley

Went 14.20 - with a shity fu*@ing lauch 2.5 or something 60 ft,
I forget the MPH (ill check the slip when i get home)

(now, well should be done in a couple days)
    Beefed up the bottom end a little
    Gutted Upper
    Ported '88 TC exhaust manifold
    Still not sure what cam, probably just an '88 TC (manual trans) cam
for now
    '88 TC intercooler - looking for a Volvo IC
    1.89 int, 1.59 exh valves and alot of hogging to the bowls and ports

    Tec - Stage 1 Turbo (wish i joined the list before i bought it,
another case of listening
        to the vendor)
    Looking for an '94 4.6 Throttle body

    Curious what setup people are having the most luck with for that
added spark... MSD, Jacobs, or Crane???
If anyone has some suggestions or constructive critisism...feel free to
send them my way...As i noted before I must smoke this damn Turbo Jetta
;)  And in reply to
Scott.  Yeah the Jetta kit is an EIP kit...and it fu#@ing works
good...the 1st time he ran
it thou he smoked his clutch big time and only ran a 14.4 or
something....but with a MPH of 106!   His budy has a Coroda with the
same kit but some other mods and runs 13.0s on street tires...and passed
us (we were in the Jetta) with no problem on the PA turnpike when we
were doing 165mph.

Brian - '85 Svo     ' In search of high 12 1/4s, HELP! '