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SVO: Report from the Sgt @ Arms

Thank you to all who took a pill.......
The leather kit in Pauls mustang is quite sweet, as a Harley rider the
smell of the fine leather can only be accompanied by the scent of hot
motor oil, and the sound of a 90 degree air cooled V-Twin pinging and
ticking as it cools down........  :D
Took a field trip today to Wilmington Del., tried to get old literature
out of those attics @ the Ford dealers but got arrested for defacing the
building as I was trying to find an attic.......  :^ LOL

Also, on the note from the desk of the SGT @ ARMS, I've notice a few
sharks circling around Mikey's injured 84.  Be warned:Myself and the 5
attack ferrets(attack?)(actually to keep the mice from building a nest in
the hood pad....)are on patrol....Plenty of beer and raisins(ferret
reats) are being consumed(MMMM....BEER).  I would like to nominate Dave
as our CCA MED. TECH., being I saw the list of his revived vehicles..

Later, still on patrol, "Taz! get out of the airbox!!"   Eric, taz,
merlin, rusty, bandit, &daisy
CCA SGT @ ARMS and his guards