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Re: Rare SVO For Sale -- More comments

At 07:59 PM 12/12/97 -0500, SVO8ntno50 wrote:
>I saw that add too. I believe the same guy was selling steering wheels for
>$600 someodd dollars too. 

Don't forget that Jim Dingell at PPI has NOS steering wheels for less.
SVOOA offers them recovered for $250 (visit my "Download" page for a form).
Tim even sells recovered wheels (SVOOA) outright.

>My first impression(and still is) is that this guy
>was dropped on his head as a child. 

Different guy -- same ground-to-head problem.

>I would feel pretty safe in betting a
>large some of money that he got ZERO responses to either add aside from some

Probably. Cool car though.

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