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Re: Rare SVO For Sale

I saw this car at the Indy Nationals several years ago and even rode in it
around the previously great speedway.I believe the owner at the time
purchased it for around $10-15,000, so what gives now with that current
price.I don't know if the same owner still owns it or not.That vehicle can
never be street registered and should therefore be considered a trailer
queen for those with $38,000 burning a hole in your pocket.
P.S. I have a bunch of pictures of that car, and yes, I did dream of owning
it.Looks like it will stay a dream.

At 07:59 PM 12/12/97 EST, SVO8ntno50 wrote:
>In a message dated 97-12-12 19:01:31 EST, jdvorak@deltanet.com writes:
> Yes, "yikes!" on the price, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. 
> It is probably THE only Comp Prep SVO ever built in 1984 (or at least one
> of very very few -- possibly three that were built specifically for racing)
> -- and as the ad states, it was white even though white wasn't offered in
> 1984 to the public. Rare? Yes. Worth $38,000? 
> I'd love to see this car in the Mustang Museum when it gets built!
> Jim Dvorak
> '86 Shadow Blue -- 1 of 69 -- Slightly Modified
> Mustang SVO...Because there's more to driving than just straight ahead!
>  >>
>I saw that add too. I believe the same guy was selling steering wheels for
>$600 someodd dollars too. My first impression(and still is) is that this guy
>was dropped on his head as a child. I would feel pretty safe in betting a
>large some of money that he got ZERO responses to either add aside from some
>people probably telling him he was nuts. No, It does not hurt to ask but lets
>be reasonable about it. Yes it might be rare but in no way has enough time
>passed by to warrant a price tag that high!
>Paul (CCA Pres.)