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SVO: can o' worms...

On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, joseph edward morgan wrote:

> On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Mp23cc wrote:
> > No not at all, our KIT is a bolt in. You DO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE THE cylinder
> > head. Our kit does not come with valves becasue  you do not need them. You can
> > run the stock Ford valves.
> I'm gonna measure the stocker tomorrow...I was gonna do it today, but I
> forgot to bring a couple of seals with me. I wonder why mine (with longer
> valves and cut pockets) will barely get .500" but a stocker will do it by
> swapping just the stuff on top?  The valvejob and seats were done by
> Esslinger...hmmmm.... 

With much trepidation about opening another can of worms...for those who
actually are interested in some real technical information...read on --
for those who aren't...just hit the "D" button and I'll be out of your
hair...just don't bitch about it...:)

I measured our stock head today at Web-Cam...still forgot the
seals...even without the seals, the retainer sits solid against the stock
valveguide at .611" of lift -- *without* the valve seal.

I don't have a depth guage to measure the thickness of a valve stem seal,
but I'd bet a lot of money that it's >.100" from the bottom edge of the
seal surface (inside the seal) to the top of the seal...

Standard high-performance procedures would say that you need at least .040
or so clearance to the seal/guide...
Before I hear any of what my grandmother refers to as "hooey" about
"special retainers" and other such nonsense...you can't move *that* part
of the retainer "up", away from the guide while retaining the stock valves
-- as it is, the keepers are flush with the bottom of the retainer.

Those who are familiar with the real "nuts and bolts"  part of engine
building may be able to confirm this...it might also explain the valve
guide failure phenomenon I've heard about several times now...different
cars, different locations, different people

If anybody has gotten measurements different than this -- feel free to
speak up -- I'm gonna go back over there Monday and re-check it just to be
sure...Randy, Neil, Jim, Justin, Eric...Bueller?...wanna go with?

Joe Morgan