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SVO: Report from the CCA Pres.

I had business in Delaware yesterday and took the SGT @ arms with me for some
scrap yard hopping. We went to a yard I discovered way out in the boonies. We
found 2 interesting cars there. The first one made me sick as they only made
around 700 of them. It was an 83 Mustang GT Turbo and it had a car piled on
top of it. The drivetrain is still in it and the steering wheel. but the dash
is gone and all the glass is broken out from putting another car on top of it.
The other car is a Merkur Xr4ti, I dont know much about these cars but it has
the bi-wing and grey leather interior and is a 5 spd, it is still complete and
has a bad headgasket. For once in my life, I found a yard that is not full of
Pirates(YAAARRRR Matey!) These guys are more than reasonable. If anyone wants
anything off these cars, let me know. I also found another Merkur up the road
sitting with no wheels and some damage to the front left fender, I can check
into this if anyone is interested. I am not looking to make money off any of
these parts, I got all the little trim stuff I wanted yesterday. If anyone
local wants to go along with me the next time I go, let me know, your more
than welcome to come along(The yard is in MD) for anyone out of the area, let
me know what you need. To give an example of their pricing, I got a pair of
Marchal Lamps yesterday for $10. They were missing the inside reflectors(dont
know why someone would take em out) but the lenses are in excellent shape and
the housings are in great shape too.

Paul (CCA Pres.)