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SVO: Budget Mods

Hello eveyone, 
       I have been on the "list" now for over a year and I continue to
be impressed by the wealth of information and contributions of the folks
that race their 2.3's. I think Ford said it best, the track is our
proving ground. Being a guy who is in his early forties, a graduate
student, has three kids, a house, a wife, dog, five cars and six
motorcycles. I find it hard to find time to tinker with my "87 TC like I
would like to. My car is basically bone stock it has a 5 speed, and a
drop in K & N element. I have an original 140k mile motor under the hood
that still runs strong and refuses to puff oil. My racing experiences
are dull by comparison, an occaisonal firebird or camaro street race is
all my bird needs to stay healthy and happy. I would like to mildly 
modify my car as time and expense permits. My exhaust seems to be the
logical place to start. Ford, under recall, provided me with a brand new
2 1/2 inch factory down pipe just two years ago. (thank you EPA) So I'm
not really anxious to throw it away. I would really like to concentrate
on mufflers and tailpipes. Any suggestions? Also, seeing my
cam is scored slightly from 140,000 miles of abuse, would the Ranger
roller cam be a good low buck choice. I really like the friction
reducing benefits of a roller setup and the quick rev charecteristics. 
Not looking for killer performance, but any low buck, mods and tips
would be appreciated. I've never been a big performance fiend, but
always wanted to play. My 25 years of automotive efforts have been spent
saving my favorite Fords from the junkyard, yes restoration. Well,
enough rambling, happy holidays to all.

John Garasimowicz
   '87 turbo coupe, '90 grand marquis, '86 F-150 4X4 supercab,       
'64 galaxie rag (390 police 4 speed factory bench seat ) '61 T-Bird rag,
(factory tri-power) '81 Honda CBX (11.54 1/4 mile bone stock) '80 650
custom (mom's) '74 XL 350 (Dad's thumper), '89 XR 100, (Mikhail) '79 XR
80, (Andrew) '71 SL 175 (Dan)