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Re: SVO: It's time....

> Secondly, I thought this was a list for 'sharing' information.  If 
> you choose to keep your results a 'secret',that is your business but 
> it is pretty lame IMO.  I will be doing the same type of 
> modifications and will have no problem sharing ALL of the possible 
> information I can.  I too have a web server (several actually) and 
> would be more than happy to pick up the list if you ever get tired of 
> it.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking.  It would be a 180 if I didn't share
Guess I was just pissed about all the whining.

> I am not trying to make you mad or upset, just sharing my thoughts 
> with you, that is what you wanted isn't it?

yup. That's what VVVV that was for.

> > I'm interested in what you think about this, even if you don't send
> > money. But, let's try not to post a halfa dozen messages a day,
> > each, about it to the list. 


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