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SVO: Blowoff valves

Somebody of late has been recommending blow off valves on SVOs with their
short intercooler plumbing.  I'm not referring to the post here on the SVO
list.  I think it was the Tiny Avenger guy or somebody like that, in print.

Personally, I think this is a waste.

My XR needs a BOV, with it's 5 feet of plumbing to the IC.  It goes
kakapfffftblah, when you lift off the gas.  My SVO doesn't have enough
volume in its' IC plumbing to have much air to back up against the turbo,
even with the TC IC.

I have the Bosch part number for a good BOV. The same as the blower
companies sell for $$$.  I'll dig it up.  I think it's like $50.

I wouldn't buy a used BOV from a Diamond Star owner.  They improve their
performance by replacing their BOVs.  So I wouldn't want one of theirs.

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