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SVO: Productive Day at CCA Headquarters=Free parts

Well, my therapy is going well(when do these burn marks go away?) and I am
still cleaning the garage out so I can work inside when its cold. Found some
more stuff to get rid of. All of the following parts are Free for those who
want them:

-Cast Iron 4 barrel intake for a 429/460
-Mustang Gas tank straps(2 sets)
-84 SVO gas tank sheild(the small plastic cover for the front of the tank)
-84 SVO Rear interior panels(the large ones)
-83 GT Rear interior panels(the large ones)
-85 Turbo coupe console shell(Red)
-85 Turbo coupe mini spare(steel)
-85 Turbo coupe Door panels(Red)

We finished parting out the 85 Turbo coupe and filled it full of junk metal.
It is currently on its way to Dave's house(got directions from Mike) Hope your
ready for it Dave, I gave you a weeks notice it was coming. The Tow truck
driver has instructions to "Dump and Run".
The CCA SGT @ Arms was here to help and scored many free parts during the
carnage of my attempt at cleaning up the garage(sometimes I just get disgusted
and start tossing stuff out the door) Maybe this shock therapy has sent me
over the edge!

Paul (CCA Pres.)