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Re: SVO: Productive Day at CCA Headquarters=Free parts

>We finished parting out the 85 Turbo coupe and filled it full of junk metal.
>It is currently on its way to Dave's house(got directions from Mike) Hope your
>ready for it Dave, I gave you a weeks notice it was coming. The Tow truck
>driver has instructions to "Dump and Run".

        Tow truck?  I got an easier way (and it's ALOT more fun too).  At
the truck yard where I store my stuff, they have a Trojan loader.  This
puppy stands about 30' tall w/ 8' tall tires.  I just fire that puppy up,
use the 1500 lb forks to smash the roof down and then play Bigfoot!  I
turned an old Subaru wagon into a 2' thick pancake in a few minutes.  It's
more fun than digging for Lamont.  You guys gotta try it.  We just dump the
crunched cars on a flatbed trailer and take `em away.
                                                Bug Bug