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Re: SVO: Blow-off valve

On Fri, 12 Dec 1997, Carl Haines wrote:

> I'm thinking about adding a blow-off valve but I was wondering if this worth
> the trouble.  I have no disposable income right now so I have plenty of time
> to think/dream about what parts I can add when I do have some money to burn
> a hole in my pocket.
Dont waste your money then now....especially if you're buying one new.
But once agian, if you see one in the  junkyards, the volvos have some
really bitchin ones..tghats what I run..
Kinda funny..I have a Volvo intercoooler, and bypass...both off totally
diffrent cars..the car I got the bypas from someone already got the
intercooler, and when i got the intercooler the bypass was already

> Is there an easy way to add one to a SVO w/ stock IC, TB, etc without
> drilling a hole in the IC.

not that I can think of, since you dont have any room for an extension
pipe to mount the  bypass to anyhow..I dont think you really need one
anyhow for a stock setup...Most people use them when the pipes are long

> For those people who use a blow-off, is there a noticeable improvement?
I havent hadmine on for really long, but the seat of the pants dyno that
is so common said it really doesn't do much but make noise, an dthe same
goes with track times. runs the same either way.

> Does using a blow-off cause any problems with the EEC?  Like the TB and VAM
> not staying within the right range when compared to each other.  Would the
> EEC think a fault has occurred?

run the outlet of the bypas into the inlet of the turbo, in that flange
thing.  That way, there is a closed loop, and nothing is bled off, and
nothing is bled in.

Some people talk about damage to the turbo due tonot running one, and I am
not going to y it CAN'T happen, but I have never seen a turbo problem that
could be traced to a lack of using a bypass...

> Thanks
> Carl Haines

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