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Re: SVO: Blow-off valve

> Is there an easy way to add one to a SVO w/ stock IC, TB, etc without
> drilling a hole in the IC.

On a different (but same) note, I was at the Volvo shop checking out 
Turbo stuff and checked out their popoff valve.  It is mounted 
directly to the outlet of the Compressor  housing.  We could not find 
a different setup, but the NEW Volvos might be different.  We were 
looking at 94 and older stuff.

I have a Volvo Intercooler, it is HUGE, but trying to set it up on a 
SVO will be tricky.  I will post the dimenional and photograph links 

Chris Roth
98 Black Contour SVT
85 Bright Red SVO
86 Silver Metallic SVO