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Re: SVO: Blowoff valves

> I have the Bosch part number for a good BOV. The same as the blower
> companies sell for $$$.  I'll dig it up.  I think it's like $50.
> I wouldn't buy a used BOV from a Diamond Star owner.  They improve their
> performance by replacing their BOVs.  So I wouldn't want one of theirs.

Hey... I dont post here much, but i had to get my 2 cents in here.....

The Bosch blow-off valve is a good idea, however, dont be scared away if
you can get a DSM blow-off valve...   Yes its true they replace them to
get better performance, however, its only the 95+ ones that do it, and
they replace it with the 90-94 <1st Generation> blow off valve....  It
actually seems to work better than alot of the aftermarket ones <I can
list multipal 11 and 12 second DSM's that are using the stock 90-94 BOV>
....   The homepage for the DSM club is http://www.dsm.org not
www.dsm.com......  You can read the page and the FAQ's on there for more
info, they also have a link to a parts trader for DSMs, you should have
no problem finding one on there...

I read that page alot, and i am on the DSM mailing list, and almost all
the hi-po DSM's use the stock BOV...   Anyways, if anyone happens to
need more info on this, feel free to mail me.....  

Thanks for the bandwidth!