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SVO: Re:Blow-off valves

Carl Haines asked:
>I'm thinking about adding a blow-off valve but I was wondering if this worth
>the trouble.  I have no disposable income right now so I have plenty of time
>to think/dream about what parts I can add when I do have some money to burn
>a hole in my pocket.
>Is there an easy way to add one to a SVO w/ stock IC, TB, etc without
>drilling a hole in the IC.
>For those people who use a blow-off, is there a noticeable improvement?
>Does using a blow-off cause any problems with the EEC?  Like the TB and VAM
>not staying within the right range when compared to each other.  Would the
>EEC think a fault has occurred?
>Carl Haines

It's my understanding that if you are running a turbo set-up thats near 
to compressor stall, you want to use a by-pass or blow-off valve to keep 
the compresor from getting into the stall area, where it can hurt itself. 
 Evidently it's pretty popular with the rice boys, but whether they run 
turbos close to stall or just like the noise the pop-off makes is unclear 
to me.

I think a by-pass will compensate for the EEC, because the by-pass 
returns the air between the VAM and the turbo intake, but a pop-off  just 
dumps the air and might fool the EEC into running rich for a moment.