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Why so quiet??

The list just hit 51 subscribers today! Why is everyone so quiet? You
can't tell me that no one has questions to ask or stories to tell! I've
got a few...I presently have the '78 Pinto C-3 in my car with the
following ratios:

1st	2nd	3rd
2.44	1.44	1.00	(approximately)

my rear gear is a 3.25 rear...as you can figure out, my 1st and second
gear ratios aren't what you'd call "performance oriented." I have the 8"
Ford unit in back and was looking for suggestions on what gear to get? I
believe I can have my choice of a 3.73, 4.11, or 4.62. Please keep in mind
that this is only a 3 speed...4.62 gears will run the car around 110 mph @
6200 rpm by my calculations.

I plan on doing the gears when I move up (or sideways) to the .63 Garrett
T03 from the smaller stock '88 TC IHI and port the exhaust manifold. That
hopefully should wake it up a bit :) <*GRIN*>