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Re: SVO: Just rambling on

On Fri, 12 Dec 1997, Brian McGoldrick wrote:

> '85 SVO (before):
>     3" Exhaust from downpipe to tailpipe
>     K&N Cone
>     Matched '86 intake & mild porting
>     42 lb injectors

what are you doin to run the injectors? chip or FPR?

> Went 14.20 - with a shity fu*@ing lauch 2.5 or something 60 ft,
> I forget the MPH (ill check the slip when i get home)
Wow, thats smokin em down pretty good:)  YOu only got one pass?

>     Gutted Upper

ever think of takin that off and puttin a stocker on?  

>     Ported '88 TC exhaust manifold
>     Still not sure what cam, probably just an '88 TC (manual trans) cam
> for now

thought u had the FMS Roller

>     '88 TC intercooler - looking for a Volvo IC

bitchin peice!!!

>     Tec - Stage 1 Turbo (wish i joined the list before i bought it,
> another case of listening
>         to the vendor)

What is it? Super 60 T3?  Dont worry though, vendors are flawless and know
all though:)  They have been around and are well respected, so dont
question them....

> Scott.  Yeah the Jetta kit is an EIP kit...and it fu#@ing works
> good...the 1st time he ran
> it thou he smoked his clutch big time and only ran a 14.4 or
> something....but with a MPH of 106!   His budy has a Coroda with the
> same kit but some other mods and runs 13.0s on street tires...and passed
> us (we were in the Jetta) with no problem on the PA turnpike when we
> were doing 165mph.
Man, thats cool!  Its like a 5grand kit, and the VR6 already has lots of
power, but jus goes to show what a turbo can do..Those kits come with a
friggin T4....
Im tryin to get my freind with the rabbit truck to put a bigger motor
in(1.8, he has a 1.7), and use a compressor from a turbo 2.3, and I think
that thing will rock hard.  It will spin the tires the whole 1/8th mile
now, and I am really tryin to get him to get some slicks..
with traction, it should run a low 14 atleast now, becasue its at
14.99@93, but not gettin wot until 3rd gear!  Callaway was rite, there is
no substitute for positive manifold pressure!

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	8.1@85 1/8th mile on slicks
	Big intercooler ON!
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