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Re: SVO: Productive Day at CCA Headquarters=Free parts

 You sound better but, Bug Bug sounds worse.I say crank up the voltage!!!!!!!
At 07:04 PM 12/13/97 EST, SVO8ntno50 wrote:
>Well, my therapy is going well(when do these burn marks go away?) and I am
>still cleaning the garage out so I can work inside when its cold. Found some
>more stuff to get rid of. All of the following parts are Free for those who
>want them:
>-Cast Iron 4 barrel intake for a 429/460
>-Mustang Gas tank straps(2 sets)
>-84 SVO gas tank sheild(the small plastic cover for the front of the tank)
>-84 SVO Rear interior panels(the large ones)
>-83 GT Rear interior panels(the large ones)
>-85 Turbo coupe console shell(Red)
>-85 Turbo coupe mini spare(steel)
>-85 Turbo coupe Door panels(Red)
>We finished parting out the 85 Turbo coupe and filled it full of junk metal.
>It is currently on its way to Dave's house(got directions from Mike) Hope
>ready for it Dave, I gave you a weeks notice it was coming. The Tow truck
>driver has instructions to "Dump and Run".
>The CCA SGT @ Arms was here to help and scored many free parts during the
>carnage of my attempt at cleaning up the garage(sometimes I just get
>and start tossing stuff out the door) Maybe this shock therapy has sent me
>over the edge!
>Paul (CCA Pres.)