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Re: Turbo Creap

Hi All

> Now the guy tells me that I will need
> to buy and external waste gate or I will experience "TURBO CREAP",

This is true is if the waste gate hole is to small, it wont bleed enough exhaust gas at high rpm and the boost will go up even tho' the waste gate is fully open. If your internal waste gate can handle the the volume of exhaust gas produced at 400HP then you don't have a problem..... my guess is that it wont and that you will have to go for an external waste gate.

> pressurizing the exhaust manifold.

???? if there is no pressure in the exhaust manifold that means that the turbo and exhaust system offers absolutely no resistance.......I don't think so.

> This is supposed to be a bad thing.

It's a good thing in my opinion as long as the engine can handle it with out detonation.......love that extra power for over taking ;-)

> Turbonetics said that with the T04 housing the air flow would be to
> great.

I have this problem with my 2L pinto and IHI rhb6 turbo, the boost regulates to 8 psi up to about 4000 rpm then climbs to 15 psi at 6000 rpm..... I need the bigger. exhaust housing with the bigger waste gate or an external one.



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