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Re: 88tc ishy warner

On Sun, 14 Dec 1997, CTaylor930 wrote:
>  cory
> are you running the 88 TC turbo?????

Yep I am...the good 'ol Warner Ishy IHI 5-speed unit (not sure if there is
a difference between stick and auto).

> I had to run one on my car after I trashed my T3 what a pice of junk, I ran
> the thing wide open (no wastegate relief) max boost about 11 lbs.  wow you car
> will fly if you change turbos.   I'm not a TC or a ishy expert but thats my
> two cents.
> chuck

Thanks for the comments! Right now the turbo works good and provides as
much boost as I want (except at high rpm in second and third gears...as
the RPM increases the boost decreases to as low as 14psi) but the power
the car puts out seems to definitely plateau above 4000 rpm.

What kind car do you have?