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SVO: bypass valve

I think the bypas valves are pretty cool.  

    1.  I was told/read that when your turbo is running at a bizillion rpm and
you just slam shut the only door for the air to get out of (throttle body) the
compressor wheel can actually get spun backwards ouch!!!  I did not heed this
warning and I have a very broken T3 to show for it.

    2.  when road racing I'm constantly on and off the gas with the bypass
valve the turbo is able to maintain a higher RPM thus reducing the lag (ugly
word) when I exit a corner to pass that 944.

    3.  if you mount the bypass valve near the throttle body you also gain a
perk on dead space in the pipeing and intercooler (not very important for
stock SVO/TC but very important for me/volvo guys)

85.5 GT1 SVO