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SVO: Upper intakes...What's up??

Fellow svoer's

i was at the Corral today reading some of the messages when I came across
this one regarding the upper intakes of the late style 87-88 t'coupe. It
went on to say that because this intake is shorter(overal height) this was
the best performance oriented intake to get. But in order to use one you
also need to use the 87-88 t'coupe valve cover, because it's recessed to
handle the 1/2" shorter runners.
Now,,,, let's all pool our collective knowlege. We already know that after
the 87/88 t'coupe the 2.3turbo engine would die(a moment of silence).
 So why did Ford modify the hieght? I don't think the t'coupe hoodline
needed such a low profile for fitment. From what I know about intakes the
longer the runner,,, the better lowdown grunt/torque, the shorter the
runner,,,,the better top end power. This engine needed all the grunt it
could get! What's the deal??

> Callaway was rite, "there is
>no substitute for positive manifold pressure"!

Those are words to live by buddy!!!