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Re: SVO: Upper intakes...What's up??

> It went on to say that because this intake is shorter(overal height) this was
>the best performance oriented intake to get. But in order to use one you
>also need to use the 87-88 t'coupe valve cover, because it's recessed to
>handle the 1/2" shorter runners.

        As far as I know, this person in wrong.  I have owned both
manifolds, and they are identicle.  I have also seen both valve covers.  If
I'm not mistaken, the early valve covers (like my `84 T-coupe) had the
indent for the shorter manifold (seperated runner type).  The later covers
(like the `87-88) did not have the indent.  Besides, why would they shorten
the manifold on the engine, when at the time, it was only available in the
Bird.  These cars are a beast and need all the low end they can get.  I
think this person was misinformed.
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