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SVO: More DIY G-tech info

Taken from the DSM list:

> Date:    Fri, 12 Dec 1997 11:20:48 -0600
> From:    Kevan Riley <kriley@dseg.ti.com>
> Subject: make your own G-tech 
> Message-ID: <#42>
> Hello DSMers,
> For those of you thinking about building your own G-tech, what good
> timing.  It seems soemone else has answerd some of your questions in a
> public forum, namely, Electronics Now.  The January issue has an
> article, the cover article none-the-less, on how to build an Automotive
> Performance Tester.  The cicuit uses an Analog Devices ADXL05 solid
> state accelerometer, and a Motorola 68HC705P9 microprocessor, and a one
> line LCD display.  There is an URL sited for the code, it is:
> ftp://ftp.gernsback.com
> file name: apt.hex
> I just thought I would point some people in this direction if some one
> wanted to built there own.  It would seem a small step to build this
> project into a Data Aq project.
> Kevan