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SVO: shaving heads

        Hey Everyone,

   I think I asked this before, but never got an answer.  I have a head that
I want to shave down for compression reasons.  It's an `85 Merhur engine
that I am going to drop in the Pinto so I can sell it (need to sell to get
the Capri).  It will be an NA engine, so I want to shave the head to
increase the 9:1 compression to 10:1.  How much do I need to shave.  They
will be doing the work at my friends tech school (ATC in Exton PA) so I need
to know exactly how much to take off.  Anyone have any ideas?  .030?  .040?
More?  Anyone?  Bueller?  (sorry  :)   ).  Thanks guys.
                                                        Bug Bug