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Re: SVO: Upper intakes...What's up??

On Sun, 14 Dec 1997, Chris Costanzo wrote:

> > It went on to say that because this intake is shorter(overal height) this was
> >the best performance oriented intake to get. But in order to use one you
> >also need to use the 87-88 t'coupe valve cover, because it's recessed to
> >handle the 1/2" shorter runners.
>         As far as I know, this person in wrong.  I have owned both
> manifolds, and they are identicle.  I have also seen both valve covers.  If
> I'm not mistaken, the early valve covers (like my `84 T-coupe) had the
> indent for the shorter manifold (seperated runner type).  The later covers
> (like the `87-88) did not have the indent.  Besides, why would they shorten
> the manifold on the engine, when at the time, it was only available in the
> Bird.  These cars are a beast and need all the low end they can get.  I
> think this person was misinformed.

Nope, your misinformed...I have two if the late intakes in the trunk of
the Merkur waiting to be shipped to joe one of these days..they are indeed
shorter(I forget why), and the valve covers on the late models are
indented, and the early ones aren't..I have a 88 TC valce cover and a 84
TC valve cover in storage.....
Also, you can get the late model intake to fit with the early valve cover,
I think, its jus real tite and may require trimming of the linkage
Also, fyi, the 87-88 throttle bodies are the same size as the early ones

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