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Re: SVO: More DIY G-tech info

> > timing.  It seems soemone else has answerd some of your questions in a
> > public forum, namely, Electronics Now.  The January issue has an
> > article, the cover article none-the-less, on how to build an Automotive

Scott hops in the car and heads over to barnes and Noble:)
Coincidentally, I never heard of Electrinics now until about a month ago
when I saw they had a anemometer project.  I calculates wind speed thru a
tube using the cooling of a transistor and reads out the velocity of air
in MPH....Does this sound like  something familiar to anybody but me?
<final Jeopardy music playin>
Beep beep
its the same principal and operation of a mass air meter.  If you know the
temp and humidity, you can calculate air density, and knowing the area of
the tube and the velocity, you can get a rough estimate of air mass
entering the engine..What it is really useful for i have no idea, but
seems kinda cool...

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